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     The Customer Control Handbooks are a customer location, screening, control and attack tool which identifies specific customer targets for the individual firm. The book is divided into sections:-

1. The Firm's Existing Customer Base.

This section considers the firm's existing customer base under the following headings: Name and Address of Customer; Geographic Factors; Frequency & Timing of Purchases; Products & Services Purchased; Prices paid for Products & Services; Annual value of Purchases; Profit factors for Purchases; Forecasted Value of Future Purchases. This data is supplied as a cross-referenced matrix and will isolate individual customer groups and major individual customers.

2. Geographic analysis of the Firm's Existing Customer Base.

The logistic and tactical constitution of the firm's customer base is analysed by customer group demographics -v- type of products or services consumed -v- turnover & profitability -v- geographic location -v- cost of servicing the client.

3. The Firm's Product & Service Strengths and the Customer Base.

This assessment contemplates the firm's relative strengths correlated with the requirements of the geographic Customer Base. Essentially this section evaluates if the firm's product and service strengths match the needs of the Customers which the firm can geographically and logistically service. Where the correlation and fit is bad the firm will tend not to operate at optimum profitability.

4. The Firm's Optimum Customer Base.

This part of the book considers the firm's existing customer base and selects those customers which would profitably be dropped and those potential customers which should be attracted. In many instances these potential customers will already be served by competitive firms and thus data will be given, under the titles in section 2, on the customers of the competitors.

5. Cartographic representation of the Firm's Customer Catchment & Service Areas.

A series of maps are provided to show the location and demographic details of customer groups and major individual customers. This data shows both the firm's own customers plus those of other competitive firms.

6. Mailing List

As part of the information a full mailing list of prospective customers is available on CD-ROM. Mailing Lists are charged at a rate of 295 per 1,000 names (for once only use).

270pp.   Price: 595   Dispatch: 21-28 days

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